Questionnaire ''VOC'' - Views of Context
This questionnaire investigates the ways that people represent the Place where they live and how these representations are associated with their way of thinking and feeling.

The questionnaire is part of an international study aimed at better understanding people’s needs, sensibilities and attitudes in order to inform the design of programs and policies more consistent with the cultural specificity of territories.

The results of this study are expected to enable more efficient, effective, and culturally sensible participant-centred programs in several fields (e.g. education, health promotion, social cohesion, mobility, safety, labour market).

In order to complete this ambitious goal, your collaboration is precious and necessary. Your participation will help us to include in the survey the local territory where you live. In doing so, the results of the study will also concern the place where you live and this might increase the representativeness and validity of programs and policies informed by our study.

How to complete the questionnaire

The questionnaire will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.
There are no right or wrong answers; rather, several options that can give an account of your point of view on the aspects presented.
When answering, you will notice that every word, every sentence, even the simplest, can be understood and interpreted in various ways. Do not worry about that and just give the first answer that comes to mind.
When answering the questionnaire, it is best to try to proceed quickly.
In most cases, in order to answer you just have to select the box that best corresponds to your point of view.

In some cases, there may be no alternative that fits your point of view exactly. In such cases, we invite you to "force" yourself, and give your answer anyway.

The questionnaire is anonymous. Your responses will not be made public; they will be taken into account together with those of all the other respondents. When you have finished the questionnaire, if you want you can leave your e-mail address, so that we can send you the report of the study, once it is produced.

If you have questions about the questionnaire, you can contact:

By clicking on the button "Next" you confirm that you have read the information above, that you are over 18 years of age and voluntarily agree to participate in the survey.

Please note that this questionnaire is being administered in English and that prospective participants should be proficient in English
Questionnaire ''VOC'' - Views of Context